• Interior, table for four
  • Rice, meat, different types of vegetables
  • Different types of food on the table
  • Restaurant owners posing for
  • Tea cup closeup

“a place of rest”

About us

Sala Thai means “a place of rest” that Thai travelers look forward to this oasis because they know they will find rest for their weary feet, good food, and drink for their empty stomachs. We invite you to the same in our restaurant. So, quench your thirst, fill your stomach, and relax in our Sala Thai.

Sala Thai II, the second restaurant of Sala Thai, the popular Thai restaurant used to be located inside of Oakland Mall on John R and W. 14 Mile Rd., has been started to open the business since July 1997 until March 2004. In September 2004, Sala Thai II has been moving to 2751 E. 14 Mile Rd., Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310, in the stripped mall named “Viceroy Plaza” between Dequindre and Ryan Road. After Sala Thai II has been opening the new location for 8 months, we realized that the place is too small for serving the people so we try to improve the place to be a good atmosphere and more convenient for customers to come to join together with good healthy food because it is served fresh, low in fat and cooked in high temperature. Knowing that, the consumer will always have a fresh meal that is cooked order by order, especially great tasty meals with added spices that will give you have a good blood circulation.

Sala Thai II has just been expanding recently in May 27, 2005. There are several wooden booths and tables including a banquet room for the customers who would like to enjoy their private parties or meetings with our entertainment systems, for example; projector and Karaoke machine. Now you can have your own private place to quench your thirst, fill your stomach, and relax in our good atmosphere restaurant in Viceroy Plaza. Please come to enjoy yourself in our restaurant.

We’re very welcome you to join with us at Sala Thai E.14 Mile Rd., between Dequindre and Ryan Road. You won’t be disappointed because you come to the right place.